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My female companion is beautiful, smart and careful; other than our very own sex-life, our very own commitment is actually wonderful. Although whenever we do have sex, really enjoyable and fulfilling, I feel under great pressure as her libido is actually quite a bit raised above my own. I worry that my dulled need comes from my personal decreased control in our connection. My reticence for the room leads to her enormous worry and makes me personally feel terrible. She is my personal very first same-sex partner.


Perhaps you are right about requiring additional control within love life, consider take the appropriate steps for doing that? You be seemingly harbouring resentment regarding the instability of energy in your connection, thus tell your lover how you think.

Ask her to provide you with an opportunity to begin intercourse and also to take a prominent role if you wish. If you generate a sexual experience that turns you in and set it into practice, you will likely find it is actually exciting for her too. When you yourself have without a doubt come to be caught in a dull routine, make use of imagination to get out of it.


Prioritise your time and effort collectively and make certain that tiredness and work anxiety you should never sabotage it. There are numerous feasible good reasons for low need, several of which are physiological (particularly hormone changes), so have actually a medical check-up. Psychological reasons feature unexpressed anger, shame and despair – plus some lesbians and gay men from with internalised homophobia. The coming- out process is never simple and can even end up being inside your desire, so if your own decreased sexual desire persists, seek advice from a qualified intercourse specialist.


Pamela Stephenson Connolly is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist just who specialises in treating sexual conditions.